Press Releases

  • VolitionRx Announces the Initial Sale of its New Nu.Q(TM) Research Kits

  • VolitionRx Limited Awarded $1.5 Million in Non-Dilutive Funding

  • VolitionRx Announces its European Colorectal Cancer Strategy

  • VolitionRx to Attend Two Major Conferences in Asia

  • Volition Granted Four Additional Patents

  • VolitionRx Limited to Attend Multiple Conferences in September

  • Volition Signs Agreement with the Institute of Laboratory Medicine of the Technical University of Munich, Germany, to assist in securing large trials in a range of cancers

  • VolitionRx Limited Announces Second Quarter 2017 Financial Results and Business Update

  • VolitionRx Limited Schedules Second Quarter 2017 Earnings Conference Call and Business Update

  • VolitionRx Limited to host a conference call regarding a 13,500 Subject Colorectal Cancer Screening Trial with the Early Detection Research Network of the U.S. National Cancer Institute

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